Cheltenham Skittles League - Division 5

Fixture list

Season: 2012-2013

NoGame DateAlleyAgainstInfo
1Mon 10 Sep 12Irish OakAv-ItsLost
2Mon 17 Sep 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Beaufort BombersLost
3Tue 25 Sep 12St. Marks Community Centre No.2SpringersLost
4Mon 01 Oct 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Cheltenham King GeorgeLost
5Mon 08 Oct 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Victory CWon
6Tue 16 Oct 12Victory ClubDouble BarrelLost
7Mon 22 Oct 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)KingfishersLost
8Wed 31 Oct 12St James HotelGeneralsWon
9Mon 12 Nov 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Oddfellows ArmsLost
10Tue 20 Nov 12Suffolk ArmsSuperstarsLost
11Mon 26 Nov 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)WinalotsWon
12Mon 03 Dec 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Old Pats CWon
13Mon 10 Dec 12Merryfellow InnBaronsLost
14Mon 17 Dec 12RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Outlaws BWon
15Mon 07 Jan 13RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Av-ItsLost
16Tue 15 Jan 13Beaufort ArmsBeaufort BombersWon
17Mon 21 Jan 13RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)SpringersLost
18Mon 28 Jan 13Victory ClubVictory CWon
19Mon 04 Feb 13RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)Double BarrelWon
20Mon 18 Feb 13RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)GeneralsLost
21Mon 25 Feb 13Robins ClubOldfellow ArmsLost
22Mon 04 Mar 13RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)SuperstarsWon
23Wed 20 Mar 13Suffolk ArmsWinalotsLost
24Mon 25 Mar 13Old Pats ClubOld Pats CWon
25Mon 08 Apr 13RAOB Club (Old Home Alley)BaronsLost
26Tue 16 Apr 13St. Marks Community Centre No.1Outlaws BWon

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