Cheltenham Skittles League - Division 5

Fixture list

Season: 2017-2018

NoGame DateAlleyAgainstInfo
1Wed 13 Sep 17St. Marks Community Centre No.2Tivoli C.C.Won
2Mon 18 Sep 17Home Alley (Newlands)CombineWon
3Mon 25 Sep 17Home Alley (Newlands)Chosen ChampsWon
4Mon 02 Oct 17Home Alley (Newlands)Parklands BWon
5Tue 10 Oct 17St. Marks Community Centre No.1Outlaws BLost
6Mon 16 Oct 17Home Alley (Newlands)Co-OpLost
7Wed 25 Oct 17London InnSeries 12Won
8Mon 30 Oct 17Hillview Community CentreCelery BoysLost
9Mon 06 Nov 17Home Alley (Newlands)Bishops Cleeve Card SharksLost
10Wed 15 Nov 17Victory ClubAddersWon
11Mon 20 Nov 17Home Alley (Newlands)Royal Oak BLost
12Mon 27 Nov 17Albion House Social ClubNomadsLost
13Mon 04 Dec 17Home Alley (Newlands)Young OnesWon
14Wed 13 Dec 17United Services ClubSeagullsLost
15Mon 18 Dec 17Home Alley (Newlands)TabardsLost
16Tue 16 Jan 18Robins ClubCombineWon
17Mon 22 Jan 18Parklands Community CentreParklands BWon
18Mon 29 Jan 18Home Alley (Newlands)Outlaws B6 days away
19Mon 05 Feb 18St. Marks Community Centre No.2Co-Op13 days away
20Mon 12 Feb 18Home Alley (Newlands)Series 1220 days away
21Wed 21 Feb 18Kings Head, Bishops CleeveBishops Cleeve Card Sharks29 days away
22Mon 26 Feb 18Home Alley (Newlands)Adders34 days away
23Mon 05 Mar 18Royal Oak (Prestbury)Royal Oak B41 days away
24Mon 19 Mar 18Home Alley (Newlands)Nomads55 days away
25Mon 26 Mar 18Kings Head, Bishops CleeveYoung Ones62 days away
26Mon 09 Apr 18Home Alley (Newlands)Seagulls76 days away
27Wed 18 Apr 18Old Pats ClubTabards85 days away

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